★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Do You Want To Be My Girlfriend?!

Even The Greatest Poets May Not Be
Able To Express How I Feel For You
Words Can Simply Not Be Enough
To Describe How It Alters My Life's View
I 've Never Chased Perfection
But You Make Everything Seem Perfect
Even All My Mistakes Come Undone
All The Dots, Just Magically Connect
Fate Or Destiny, Call It What You Want
I 'm Glad, This Is Where It Came To Be
Not Just The Laughs, But Even The
Silence Between Us, Sets Me Free
I Love You With All My Heart And All My Soul <3
You Are Everything For Me <3
<3 I LOVE YOU M.C. <3

./ Unknown Al - Albanian Hacker